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Readings are available in person, Skype, Facebook Messenger or phone. Please state
your preference when booking a reading. Readings are just as accurate when read over
the phone as we connect with your energy that we tune into. Please contact us to
schedule an in person reading at one of three locations:
Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano or Huntington Beach (Carol Ann only).

PSYCHIC READINGS: The reader will read your aura and energy generated by you.  We will deliver messages we receive from your higher self, giving information on any past, present or future that we perceive. Please note that any future perceptions we may give, you have the power to change since you control your free will and can change your direction at any time. We may also combine the readings with information we receive from your spirit guide(s).

MEDIUMSHIP READINGS (Connecting to loved ones in the spirit world)

With Certified LWISSD Master Teachers Kelly Dahlstrom or Carol Ann Moore: $160 for 50 minutes, booked in advance.


We offer a combination reading of about 25 minutes for each which can also be combined with a short angle or oracle card reading if desired. May also be combined with psychometry (reading an object that beloved to your loved one) or photo connection (connecting to the spirit through a photograph of them) $150 for 50 minutes, booked in advance


A 50-minute session, which can be broken up into two 30 minute sessions, where Carol will work with a family member and/or a law enforcement official to assist on an individual that is currently missing or on an unsolved case. Please email our office for the soonest appointment. Carol also may call on other local mediums in her network to confirm and collaborate information received from spirit.



Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative holistic energy healing that has been around since the beginning of time. Based on the universal energetic system known as the Chi (or Ki), Reiki can be received by anyone to help clear energetic blockages that may have developed. Blockages include any form of depression, anxiety, disease, pain, stress and any malaise.

During a session, the person to be treated lies on a massage table which the practitioner guides their hands over specific energetic centers along the body.  Reiki is administered through the hands of the practitioner allowing the client to activate their own Chi to heal themselves within. Traditional Usui Reiki techniques are utilized as well as other healing modalities depending on the practitioner, are integrated into every individualized healing session. This can range from essential oils to crystals, depending on what is needed by the client.


Psychic Parties can be arranged in the comfort of your own home or workplace. Please contact us to give us your details so that we can put together a special event for you.


Psychic/Angel/Oracle/Tarot card readings

($2 a minute, 20-minute minimum)

Psychic Parties

($200 for the first hour, $150 each additional hour)

Reiki Crystal Healing 

($90 for 50 minutes)


Mediumship Readings

($160 50 minutes, $80 for 30 minutes)

Reiki Healing Session                                       

($80 for 50 minutes, $55 for 30 minutes)

Aura Clearing & Chakra Protection

($55 for 30 minutes)


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